Williams family reunion and other updates

So, it turns out it's a lot harder to find time to update this than we thought, but we figure 'better late than never,' eh? And I have some pictures, so I think we'll let them do most of the talking :) Last weekend we went to Castle Dale for the Williams Family Reunion. We had a lot of fun going out on the desert and showing Jacob around a little. We also had fun spending some time with our family :) We didn't get to see everything we wanted to, but we decided we'd try again a little later in the season when it isn't so blastedly hot outside.

Some of the gang at the reunion

Some more of the gang

Uncle Richard reading his quiz to see how much of a "Williams" you are.

Jake and Lacey. Just being in love :)

Trying to wake up in the morning

Jacob found a new pillow

Becca and Kimberlyn thought Jacob was a lot of fun!

Becca's turn!

Trying to turn my car around...

Jacob throwing rocks at my family... namely Ethan.


Being silly at pancake rocks

Lacey and I found this little cave at pancake rocks a long time ago. I was glad to see I still fit inside! and Jacob too.

Jacob decided to scare me to death and climb down the wedge...

He finally made it! I wish I was brave and acrobatic enough to have gone down there too :)
He's in the very center of the photo in a white shirt.

Back Safe! :)

Some of the scenery at the Wedge. It's beautiful.

Erynn and I enjoying the view and waiting for Jacob to climb back up.