Elise's lucky day

My wrist has been bothering me for several months, and I've kept thinking that if I take it easy and don't use it much, it'll get better... and it will until I make the mistake of, say, moving the coffee table, or wrestling with Jacob. Then I'm back to square one. Well, last night at kung fu, I did something wrong and it started hurting worse than usual. My sifu took a look at it and said it was inflamed and needed to be rubbed out. He asked me before he started "This is going to hurt. Do you want something to squeeze or bite on to?" I said no. Lets just say that I'm pretty sure my fingernails are still embedded in the arm of the couch I was sitting on and my arm now looks like a ripe plum. Needless to say, despite feeling better in some ways, my arm is pretty useless today.
When I got to work this morning, I was walking to clock in, and this crazy bird came out of the blue and swooped at my head, chirping like it was trying to attack me. It tried to peck my head off 3 times on the way to clock in and twice on the way back to the office. I found out later (though I figured this was the case as soon as it started) that it has a nest in one of the trees in our retail center which is, consequently, right along a major pathway.
After my bird attacks, I was asked if I could stay till 6:30 and fill in for Robyn in the retail center (who is sick all week apparently). That will be a little over a 10 hour work day for me. The best part is that I think they want me to do it all week. That means I get to be out in 90 degree weather watering plants with a gimpy arm and being attacked by a killer bird all afternoon. AND I don't get to see Jacob (or eat) till 7 :(

wish me luck!

Week two in our apartment

Well, this has been a crazy, but fantastic weekend; and as such, we decided it would be a great time to start our blog.

It started out with Jacob's interviews. Friday morning he had an interview with Parentlink for a support technician position that's opening up in 3 weeks. He would be getting a $2 raise, and their building is located 3 blocks from our apartment, so we'd be saving a ton on gas (he's going to American Fork every day right now). The interview went well, and this sounded like a dream come true. However, later that day, Jacob was offered a sales position at the company he is currently with, RFP Depot. He'd get a raise and make commission on what he sells. As he figured it, this would be far worth the drive every day. So he decided to stay with the company that has treated him well for the past 5 months.
On a different note, we're pretty much all moved in now. On Saturday morning, our house looked like a house...except the living room, which was much too bare. So on our way over to Jacob's house to get our laundry done, we saw a yard sale with a leather couch set that looked pretty promising. After 2 times just driving by, we decided to stop. We eventually bought the couch set for 50 dollars. With thanks to Steve and Richard Williams, the couches got into our new place, dirty as they were. So off we were, determined to find some couch covers that would turn our average apartment into our dream home. Our first shot at it was Bed Bath and Beyond. We picked some out and headed back home. After we gave our two new couches a much needed washing, we tried our new covers. Suddenly, our living room had 2 very saggy, baggy creatures in it that slightly resembled our new couches....long story short, we returned those right away. Next stop, our neighborhood Wal-Mart. After about 10 minutes of trying to find the things, we actually found some that we thought just might work. Ta-da! With the pillows we got from BBB and our wonderful green couch covers we got from Wally World, our living room transformed our apartment into our beautiful home. Now...if we can just get a taker for our blue love seat that is crammed in the corner...