Today, Jacob skipped out on the BYU football game against UCLA (in which we crushed them, 59-0) to go to Lagoon with Sage, Skyler, and me. We had a lot of fun! We went on lots of rides, played lots of games, and spent lots of money on food and parking :) Jacob was such a good sport when I was steering like a maniac on the flying aces and kindly informed me that we were going to die. Luckily for us, I calmed down, the ride ended, and we're still here. It was a lot of fun to spend some time with Sage and Skyler, whom we haven't seen since their wedding in July! We all went on the newest ride, Wicked, which was fun. We were all screaming our heads off... but not Jacob. He didn't make a sound. Intense concentration, perhaps? We also waited in the longest line ever and went on Rattlesnake Rapids. It was hot enough that getting soaked was pretty nice, and Jacob found his voice again! He and Skyler used their wonderful voices to make sure Sage and I remembered how funny they are. Turns out, saying anything loud enough is quite hilarious. Our friend James was kind enough to keep us updated via text message of the BYU score, which was most helpful. Before we left, Jacob decided to "win me stuff" and he turned out to have quite a knack for it! First, at the fast-pitch booth, he pitched a 65 mph ball, and then a 71 mph ball, reaching the total of 2 'big prizes' able to be won per person, per day (the baseball hats). Next, he knocked a bunch of metal milk jugs off a big stool and got me a little white monkey. He came back and did it again to trade in the monkey for a big black monkey. Finally, he beat a bunch of other guys at a water shooting game and won another monkey (the purple one. he thinks it's ugly, but I like it :) He also was awesome at darts, but their prizes were not as awesome and he gave them to a little kid. About this time, we were pretty tired, so we decided to head out. We left just in time to catch the after game show on the radio! so Jacob listened to that on the way home while I slept :) What a great husband I've got! and what a great day!