Do you not realize I have had diarhea since Easters?

The diarhea's aren't exactly why we haven't blogged since Easter, but it's a good excuse from an even better movie, so we'll take it. We've done a lot since Easter evening. My ankle is at about 85% I think, still hoping for a little more movement, but I can't complain (especially since I didn't go to physical therapy nearly as often as prescribed).
Of course as most of you know, we bought a wonderful home in Harbor Park. We've been here for a couple months and quickly realized that everyone's prophecies about home ownership were all too true. I believe 5 different types of plumbing have been required so far: Sink leakage, toilet not flushingage, spinklerage, installing new gas lineage, and a little bit of dishwasher malfunctionage. Fun stuff, but I do feel good about knowing how to fix/install more things! Also, as you can see, I didn't exactly want a sandbox right below our deck (see Jacob childhood section on finding Indian clay), so I had fun covering it with pavers in my spare time. So far, the best perk about having a 1/3 of an acre lot is the big garden space, no matter how much morning glory (bindweed for some of the Williams' folks reading) there is. Elise and I have had a lot of fun with our plants, and have even got a surprise yellow squash, mystery melon (honeydew?), and another zucchini that we didn't plant. (each picture is just one day's worth)

I realize some of you may have noticed that one of the previous pictures is not from our garden... I had to give Ethan (Elise's little brother) a shout out because he is officially in the MTC headed to Fresno, California. He is really doing well and is the District Leader over his MTC District. I realize this is a boring blog for a very eventful 2 months, but Elise is packing for Kung Fu camp and left the uncreative one to do the writing. Although I'll have you know that she didn't think you could resize pictures on this thing and this blog would not have been possible without being able to do so! We will try and blog more often about smaller things in greater detail in the future so you all can blog stalk us, but for now this will have to do.

P.S. I killed King Kong and his brother in the same week with my bare hand in our basement, take that world!