Very Important Updates

Here are some recent (and not so recent) goings-on of the Jacob Bell Family.

First and foremost, we're on our last roll of toilet paper that we haven't had to purchase ourselves (thanks to Melissa for the huge pack of Charmin at my bridal shower :) 6 months without buying a roll of our own is not too shabby. I'd say we were great tp conservationalists here.

, we found a praying mantis on our window one day after work! We think it was not very happy with the cold weather because, after we rushed to take a picture or two before it left, it didn't move for several hours. So Jacob took it out to the neighbor's garden so it had a better possibility of finding some food.

Third, we went on a hike while it was still summer and we found a huge beaver dam! and water skeeters. and some butterflies. and far too many pesky bees buzzing around the mud for my liking. However, the dam was cool enough by itself for a return trip next summer.

, We finished our curtains... a while ago. We like them.

, I made a french silk pie for Jacob's mission reunion, and it was delicious. So delicious in fact, that it was gone in the first 5 minutes they served it. Luckily, the people there like Jacob and so they saved us a slice :)

, my sister is an amoeba.

, I have a really cute husband.

Oh, and p.s. GO BYU!