Just our Luck....

This past week, and especially few days, Elise and I have had some awkward luck fall our way. The following are real stories, and are not meant to frighten anyone of the real world, but just in case a small child is present, please read these first and summarize the stories in a nicer way.

It all start last week at the mall. We decided to return a particular Victoria's Secret outfit that Elise received at her bridal shower, and it was easiest if I just went to the mall straight after work one day to do the deed. So there I was, walking through the mall, not knowing where Victoria's Secret was, with a lovely pink bag in my hand. When I got there and returned the outfit, I thought it would be nice to get some nice smelling soap for the Mrs., so I did, and so of course I walked out of Victoria's Secret with yet another pink bag in my hand. I almost escaped the mall, but right when I almost got to the exit, someone I recognized in a shirt and tie walked by, it was President Monson!! Well, not quite, but it was my MTC teacher, who might as well have been in my books. We talked for a few, and to my surprise, he remembered me quite well. However, at some point his curiosity took over and he asked, looking at my bag, if I was engaged. As quickly as I could I lifted my hand and showed him my wedding ring. NEVER in my life was I more glad to tell someone that I was indeed married (and also that I remembered my ring). Not only that, but I was able to tell him truthfully that I snagged the best one out there.

Well...if that wasn't awkward enough, Saturday night decided to bring the awkward to us...literally. There we were, minding our own business and getting ready for bed at 11 o'clock, and we both thought we heard some sort of water running in the bathroom. We didn't mind it for a minute, but I eventually went and decided to check out what it was, and as I turned on the light in the bathroom, we were delighted to see that lemonade was pouring from our bathroom light. Before we could thank our neighbors upstairs for this wonderful delight, Elise got a glass and soon discovered that it wasn't lemonade at all! We soon had what seemed to be a couple toilet bowls full of nappy water all on and over everything in our bathroom, bleh! To say the least, we had some acrobatic 'going to the bathroom' experiences that shortly followed. Elise was kind enough to laugh hysterically and still capture one of these amazing moments on my camera (see picture at right). After much debating we went upstairs to make sure that our neighborino's knew what had happened. Luckily she did, and was very nice about it. In fact, the same thing had happened to her about a year ago. Her toilet bowl and tank overflowed, and she had to scoop tons and tons of it into the bathtub. Elise wanted to yell at her and tell her to come clean up our bathroom, and she was going to, but I, being selfish, didn't want to babysit her brand new baby. So long story short, we cleaned up the bathroom the next morning (we know it was the sabbath, but c'mon, wouldn't you do the same). The landlord also came on Sunday and fixed the problem. Next time, maybe we'll ask him to fix the huge hole that the water came through...but that's for another blog.

The next morning....after we cleaned up our nappy lemonade water...Betsy called us up and invited us over to church to hear Erynn speak that afternoon. What a delight! We were excited to not have to go to church till 1...er...hear Erynn speak, and we decided to stop by the William's a good 30 minutes early to give them some jam and say hello. However, we were Doomed. Not only did Elise take about 6 and a half hours doing her hair that morning, but we had some minor obstacles as well. So we went outside to elise's car, and she realized that she had put the jam in my car the night before (we originally were going to bring it the night before). But of course it was a hot Sunday morning, so by the time I got to the jam, the seal had broken and half of it lay there in my car on the floor. Luckily, the jam had hardened for some reason, so I just picked up the hard stuff on the floor and layed it outside. When we went inside to get new jam and to put the rest of the jam that was still good from the car mishap in the fridge, Elise noticed that I had tried to burn the house down with a candle. We had put a candle on a candle warmer, and much to our surprise, it had cracked and melted all over our counters etc... Good thing wax is easy to clean up...NOT. After about 15 minutes or so getting all that cleaned up, an earthquake of all things shook our house violently...ok ok that's a little extreme, but it felt like it. So we finally made it to church and heard Erynn's wonderful talk, YAY!

Or...not yay quite yet... On our way home from church, we talked about our 3 misfortunes of the last 24 hours, and figured because Betsy always told Elise that bad things always come in 3's, that we were done for at least a couple days. But no, when we were leaving to go to the Bell's for dinner and to finish up some laundry, we so cleverly decided we could probably start the cars with no keys. Then we realized not only could we not start the cars, but we couldn't get back into our lovely home with no keys either. So there we were, stranded far far away on what seemed to be a very distant planet, with no hope for the future. We decided to use our lemonade friend's phone upstairs to call the landlord and of course with our luck he didn't answer either of his phones that he has listed. So we did the next best thing and called my mom to come pick us up.....and she left. Our fine neighbor then offered a Safeway card to try and break in with. Because I had already tried this obstacle on our other neighbor's door about a month ago, I didn't exactly have much hope. But much to my surprise, about 8 seconds later we were inside our apartment again calling my mom, with a slim hope that for some reason she hadn't left quite yet. Rats, she already had. So there we were, with keys in hand, ready to go, but couldn't. So she pulls up a few minutes later and sees us sitting on Elise's car with her keys around my neck. I told her we'd just follow her home and sorry for making her come all this way. But, alas, it was worth it, as we had a lovely roast and veggies for dinner, and we were able to clean our lemonade towels and bath mats :). We thought we were really home free then, but when we got home the most dreadful thing of all was awaiting us, WE LEFT THE COOLER ON! At least 35 cents on our gas bill, oy. I turned the cooler off and had a wonderful evening with my wonderful wife. The End.